UpLifting the occupational well-being of NHS staff:
A Randomised Controlled Trial

A unique opportunity to benefit from
an innovative digital approach to 
combating stress and burnout
in the workplace

Working in health care can be emotionally draining and stressful. The COVID-19 crisis has presented huge challenges for NHS workers, significantly increasing the risk of occupational burnout.

This clinical trial will provide NHS workers with easy access to interventions designed to reduce occupational burnout and improve their well-being. Trial participants will participate in six video-based group workshops, and through this website will have access to accompanying online resources including videos, worksheets and digital self-help tools.

Thank you for considering being part of this trial and for trying this motivational expert solution to enhance your well-being in the workplace. Helping us to help you to uplift your health, wellbeing, and happiness.


Supporting UpLiftTRIAL app compatible with modern browsers and devices/Chrome browser preferable

If you have already registered to the trial and have an active account, login here to access UpLiftTRIAL interventions and Skills Practices

If you don’t have an account, but would like to participate in the trial,

please go to the ‘Contact’ page to register your interest.

(Please note this trial is open to NHS workers only)